Integrating human power with technology to provide the world with quick language solutions.


We aim to support cultures and businesses in enhancing engagement, brand recognition and access to the global market at the local level for business.

Who We Are

EPUBTRANS is a technology-based BPO that promises to turn regular publishing into an electronic edition, a dynamic mix of professionalism and youth.

Our expertise is Project Management, XML Conversion, Data conversion, Typesetting, ePublishing, eBooks, Translations, Desktop Publishing, eLearning Localization, etc.

We translate into / from major Asian and European languages, website, eLearning, Multimedia and Marketing materials, typeset multiple file formats, engineering and testing on different platforms, databases, programming languages and technologies, in low-cost, high-quality and on-time manner.

By making EPUBTRANS your language partner, you can be guaranteed the following:

  • Quality assurance

    The company follows strict translation.
    Translation-Editing-Formatting-Feedback-Modification-Final delivery.

  • Competitive price

    The price is competitive and negotiable since it is newly-founded. Many aspects need to be perfected.

  • On-time delivery

    The company take care of the time from the start and will keep the habit going all the time..

  • Confidential

    The company has signed confidential agreements with each translator. Your product information will not be disclosed to other parties.